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QRC for Pressure Testing / Leakage Testing

We are a Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Quick Release Couplings For Pressure Testing, Leakage Testing, QRC for Pressure Testing, Leakage Testing having set up in Pune, Maharashtra, India.
Our company is noted for developing quality products which are labour and time saving, compact, user friendly and highly efficient. We have developed QRCs for pressure testing to suit
different end connections such as flared pipes, ribbed tubes, banjos, flanges, profiles, threads etc.

With our specially designed QRCs, connection and disconnection time is reduced to a minimal and testing efficiency is increased many folds.

A ) Collet type QRC for pressure testing

  • Unique collet type QRC for pressure testing. It is specially designed to suit your requirement
  • used for Bidding Pipes & Serrated Pipes
  • Finish component does not get damag while testing
  • Metal collet design also available can be used beyond 35 bar.

Pressure Testing QRC

 Pressure Testing QRC



Pressure Testing QRC for Pipe

 Pressure Testing QRC for Pipe

Pressure Testing QRC for Serrated Pipe

 Pressure Testing QRC for Serrated Pipe



B ) QRC for ID holes, Flanges, Fuel tanks, Pressure Vessel.

  • Unique Pinlock design saves 80% & of testing time.
  • Uses - Testing of Fuel tanks, Pressure vessel. Components which has holes as end connections. 

 High Pressure QRC in Brass


 Pressure Testing QRC for ID Hole


C ) Testing Solutions for odd shape end connections

• We are specialised in providing lekage & pressure testing solutions for odd shape connections to suit customer s requirement. 



Different End Connections For Which QRC Had Been Developed...

 Above images shows few components for which we have designed QRCs for ease of connection for testing.




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